FTPRush 2.1

FTPRush is a free FTP client that supports FXP, SFTP, TFTP, etc
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FTPRush comes as a powerful alternative to other popular FTP clients like FileZilla. It efficiently handles file transfers on local networks, as well as on the Internet. This program can be easily used by beginners, but at the same time, it includes all the tools that are necessary to advanced users. It supports SFTP connections, as well as TFPT and SSH ones.

FTPRush proves to be a well-designed application. Its graphical user-interface is highly customizable. By accessing program options from the Tools menu, you will be able to change the language, fonts, colors, its layout and style and many others parameters. Also, you are enabled to make a lot of other program settings.

One feature that I liked is the Script designer that comes with FTPRush. It is a handy tool that allows you to write various scripts in order to automate transferring processes. Beginners will find additional information regarding this feature in the detailed Help manual.

One interesting aspect of FTPRush is that it offers access to various free FTP hosts which you can connect to and download content like games, free operating systems, as well as security tools and other software.

Version 2.1.8 of FTPRush comes with no new features, yet a lot of bugs and errors have been fixed. It stands as a great tool for managing FTP transfers.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free program
  • Includes a great number of features
  • It allows you to automate transferring processes


  • This program has no disadvantages
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